The modern bohemian style, boho for short, is a mixture of ethnic, gypsy, and rock style elements. The style delights us especially when feeling carefree at it brings colour and lively expressions year round. 

  • The 19th century bohemian (boho) style had quite a bit in common with today's boho scene. In the bohemian lifestyle of old, convictions and the art of survival merged especially in artists' quarters. Being bohemian was neither a choice nor a trend; it was a way to express creativity as well as love of artistry and life in general. Call it bohemian or boho, today the style is still a delightful and colourful mix of ethnic influences and the passionate embrace of life, art, and music all the way to the wildest rock. The uncomplicated casual style has not lost its original appeal and has many followers not only among stars and bloggers. Of course, bloggers set the tone.

  • Boho Fashion Styling

    The boho style is reminiscent of the hippie days. In any case, the style is more than a little casual and expresses spirit as well as nonchalance. Delight in the rich colours of leaves and berries in combinations with natural hues like sand and brown and revel in the ornaments and old Ikat patterns and in materials like lambskin!

    High heels don't fit the boho style. Feel free to match colourful airy fashion outfits with flat shoes or even brown hiking boots. Contrast and playful disregard are the lifeblood of boho fashion.

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